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Satisfactory and sustainable customer relations start with getting jobs done as ordered and on time. Word of mouth travels fast. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of creating a positive reputation.

SATELLITE provides the routing and reporting tools needed to get drivers out to jobs and see how effectively they deliver every time.

It’s no secret that quality is driven by a commitment to doing things well. In fleet management, the difference between “getting the job done” and “getting the job done well” is miles and mountains apart. Managing your fleet well means that customers are delighted with the service you provide. It means your drivers are on time and projects are completed on schedule. The service you provide helps your name remain top of mind with customers.

SATELLITE helps managers reach their goals faster and more effectively with tools that help build better customer service, faster delivery times and reliable employees to do the job right every time.

Track7’s GPS Tracking platform – SATELLITE, provides deep insight into driving behavior. This tool instantly alerts businesses via email about unsafe driving behavior including speeding, stop sign violations, harsh braking, and harsh cornering, ensuring that further unsafe driving behavior or potential accidents are stopped in their tracks.

The software also provides event replay features to review past driving behavior per vehicle, per driver which can be used to train and coach drivers to improve their habits on the road, reducing accidents and giving customers peace of mind.

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