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Monitor Driver Behaviour – Suite of reporting tools to manage and monitor driver usage of fleet vehicles.

Monitor Driver Behaviour

SATELLITE provides the type of data that is essential to allow you to understand both how your fleet and your drivers are performing. You can measure how your drivers are performing in the following 5 categories, letting you identify areas for improvement and cut off potential problems before it’s too late:

1. Idling – Cut fuel costs by making sure your drivers switch their engines off when stopped and turn off the heating and the a/c when the vehicle is at rest.

2. Speeding – Cut down on fuel expenditure by correcting excessive speeding; remember that 40 percent more fuel is used by a high top van increasing its speed from 70mph to 85mph. Improve driver safety and enhance your company image through accurate driver behavior measurement.

3. Cornering – Keep maintenance costs low by keeping an eye on harsh cornering. Improved cornering lessens wear and tear and decreases the need for tyre changes.

4. Acceleration – Harsh acceleration increases fuel usage and vehicle wear and tear but you can alert your drivers to their wasteful behavior through our tracking data.

5. Braking – Keep wear and tear of tyres, brake discs and brake pads to a minimum by tracking harsh braking in our driver behavior module.

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