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Word travels fast. And a fleet’s reputation depends on customer recommendations. With fleet management software, companies can maintain satisfaction from order to delivery. They can also take a look at how they’re doing overall to spot areas for improvement. SATELLITE helps businesses go above and beyond every customer promise.

Track7’s SATELLITE fleet management platform organizes daily workflow management to help managers effectively respond to customer requests.

SATELLITE’s instant visibility map feature allows users to view all drivers and vehicles in real-time to pinpoint exact locations to dispatch the best routes. When a customer calls for a last-minute job update, the dispatcher can accurately answer inquiries based on location within seconds.

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In addition to meeting customer needs from order to delivery, safety plays an important role in maintaining a positive relationship with customers. No fleet business wants their company logo appearing on the six o’clock news. A safe fleet inspires customer confidence and encourages positive word of mouth. A federally compliant fleet provides an additional level of comfort to companies entrusting your fleet with their business needs. An investment in safety and compliance tools assures customers that your company conducts business responsibly.

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