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Managing a fleet of vehicles can be difficult; however, managing a productive fleet is even harder. The business term “productivity” defines the amount of output from an employee or process. In the current economy, most companies have to increase their productivity using less resources. Unfortunately, these companies face productivity issues that affect the overall success of their business. Track7’s real time GPS vehicle tracking helps businesses measure and manage fleet productivity and efficiency.

It is much more complicated to manage a fleet of vehicles and drivers than it is to manage employees inside of your office. That is because it is hard to identify unproductive workers when they are out in the field. Track7’s real time GPS vehicle tracking makes increasing driver productivity easy. It uses GPS devices installed in each vehicle to track your fleet and measure your drivers’ behavior and performance.

Track7’s real time GPS vehicle tracking lets you efficiently manage your fleet. You will have access to 24/7 fleet data that you can use to identify areas that need improvement. Once the areas have been identified, you can use the data to achieve measurable results. For example, you can use the real time GPS vehicle tracking activity reports to make sure your drivers are arriving at job sites on-time and that they are completing all of their assigned jobs each day. You can also set up email or text message alerts for the fleet management system to notify you if the vehicle enters an unauthorized area.

You can also use the vehicles’ start and stop times to validate your employees’ hours instead of having them come into the office just to punch a time card. Automating the timecard process saves the driver time and saves administrative time.

In addition, you can increase productivity by using the real time GPS vehicle tracking routing solution to create efficient and accurate driving routes. This will enable your drivers to spend less time driving around and more time providing great service to your clients. Dispatchers can use the real time location, to send the closest vehicle to a job site. Drivers will be able to complete more jobs each day, which will increase revenue while decreasing high fuel costs.

Auto glass replacement companies often have to send their people into the field to address broken windshields on cars stuck on the side of the road. These cars cannot be driven until the windshield is repaired, and many people would rather pay the repair technician to come and help on a site than pay to have the car towed. Because of this, auto glass replacement companies must have a few vehicles available at all times. Whether the fleet is large or small, it helps to have GPS fleet tracking for auto glass replacement companies to keep track of those vehicles. If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, it’s important to know where your vehicles are and how quickly they can get to your customers.

Customers do not appreciate delays when they are waiting for their cars to be repaired,  yet a simple traffic jam or road closure can create unexpected problems. A solid GPS tracking solution allows you to access real-time information about vehicle location, so you can send the closest vehicle or navigate around known problems. This can improve your customer service in many ways: It ensures that your drivers get to their locations on time, while giving you the chance to provide accurate arrival times to customers, limiting the odds of your customer having a poor experience.

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