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The Satellite – The GPS Tracking Platform by Track7, can be used to improve the profitability of the business and generate a good reputation about the company. Most of the traffic violations may be prevented by our tracking platform which can be used to monitor rash drivings, speedings (over speeds), harsh cornerings, harsh brakings etc., on the map. This will give the managers, an idea about the Driver behavior, which can then be improved to lessen these things up and reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and vehicle damage.

Drivers – make them understand

Generally, drivers hesitate in admitting that they require some improvement in their skills but unfortunately companies don’t have enough proofs with them, to make them understand. The Satellite helps both managers as well as drivers an overview at unsafe incidents occurred throughout a journey.
This shows speed, speedings (over speeds), harsh-cornerings, harsh-brakings etc. and various from hardware to hardware. Reports can be used to get a more detailed version of this which gives a real idea of how drivers are handling their vehicles on a daily basis or date wise selection.

The journey can either be selected and viewed for a given time interval, which can be selected in the VEHICLE INFO panel by selecting the Playback option, or it can directly be viewed by clicking on any Event detail icon while watching a vehicle move.

Maintain a business reputation

Improved drivers and their improved skills create better ‘surrounding talks’. Lesser accidents and safer, technological and faster deliveries allow businesses to gain their reputation faster than ever.

A company will meet customers’ expectation and a fleet will remain in the public’s good eye and helps build a higher number of business relationships.

Increase the company’s profitability

Safe driving helps improve vehicle handling which leads to less wear and tear and reduces maintenance cost. This also reduces the risk of an accident or damage to drivers or company vehicles. It increases the amount of jobs they can complete. With fewer road violations and reduced accidents, companies experience reduced insurance and maintenance costs. This money can be invested in other areas of business operations.

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