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GPS Tracking System in Chittorgarh

About Track7 – GPS Tracking Solution

Track7 is a GPS Vehicle Tracking Software Provider in India, providing Internet-based access to LIVE vehicle tracking and asset management. Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times gives you the power to make time and money-saving decisions with a quick glance with our GPS Tracking Devices, it is very easy to locate the Live location of vehicle / field asset / Employees / People.

GPS tracking system and solution allows you to manage your business assets and resources effectively, providing access to vital information that helps to improve your services and reduces cost. It is the solution which can show you all the required details of your business vehicles with alert and reporting features.

Track7 Provides Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Chittorgarh,Rajasthan

GPS VTS Features

  • Vehicle Recovery – With the help of this system, the stolen or hijacked vehicle can be recovered.
  • RFID – The system supports RFID, which is used for schedule attendance facility to corporate employees and school students.
  • Fuel Monitoring based on in built feature in GPS terminal or with fuel prove and or based on ultra sonic technologies
  • Mileage by GPS – The vehicle’s mileage based on GPS can be calculated through algorithm.
  • Stoppages Alerts – It Shows for how long the vehicle takes a halt and also the exact location of the vehicle when it stops.
  • Over Speed – Whenever the driver crosses the speed limit, the owner gets an alert.
  • Parked Status – It shows for how long your vehicle has been parked.
  • Control Room – System supports multi-screen.
  • Tamper Protection – No season can affect this device, as it is tamper protected.
  • Locate the Nearest Vehicle – With the help of given landmark, the owner can locate the nearest vehicle.
  • Multi Language – The  GPS system is supports multi-languages such a English, French,German and others.
  • Fuel Saving – By pinpointing the shortest way to reach the destination, fuel can be saved.
  • Geo Fencing – When the vehicle leaves or enters in the designated area, multiple alerts are sent like SMS / E-mail to the owner and also same alerts on Android app.
  • Geo-Path- When teh vehicle divert the pre specified route,multiple alerts are sent like SMS / E-mails to the owner or and same alerts on Android app.
  • Alerts – User gets alerts through SMS / E-mail on over-speeding and undue stoppages of vehicle.

Fleet Management System – GPS Fleet Tracking Solution in Chittorgarh,Rajasthan

Track7 provides the Best Fleet Management System in Chittorgarh,Rajasthan. Our system provides real-time monitoring(live) which can reduce costs, save lives, improve competitive positioning, and increase customer satisfaction.

Businesses can’t always monitor everything that occurs within a fleet. This is when advanced GPS tracking software can make a difference. Our solutions help record fleet activity–see where drivers go, track arrival and departure times, as well measure vehicle and fuel usage based on key metrics. These intuitive tools can improve job management in more ways than one while keeping you updated.

Services to our Dealers (Business Associates)

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking Services for 2 Wheeler’s, 3 Wheeler’s, 4 Wheeler’s,10 Tyres – Bikes, Autos, Cars,Bus
  • Employee / Person / Children GPS Tracking Services
  • Fleet / Trailer / Truck GPS Tracking Services
  • Asset/ Call Center Cab /BPO / Taxi GPS Tracking Services

Track7 Offers Services to our Clients

Vehicle Tacking Services, the potential clients are –> Commercial Companies like Logistic, Transportation, Schools, Tourist operators, Coal Mining. Insurance companies,Car leasing, Taxi operators, Public service fleets like Buses, Ambulances, Police and security services & Individual clients

GPS Vehicle Tracker Devices in Chittorgarh,Rajasthan

Track7 provides the Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices with competitive price for Cars, Bikes, Trucks, School Bus in Chittorgarh,Rajasthan. We offer GPS tracking Machines / Devices with extended warranty in Chittorgarh,Rajasthan. All our GPS tracking devices are configured and tested thoroughly for its complete functionality to eradicate on field problems.

Through our network of technicians/dealers, we provide GPS vehicle tracking device installation in all major cities including Chittorgarh,Rajasthan. GPS Tracking devices with proper warranty in Chittorgarh,Rajasthan.

Cloud based GPS Tracking platform used in over many countries for real-time tracking of People, Cars, Fleet & Assets using GPS trackers & Mobile Apps. We are your one top partner for GPS tracking business.

For GPS Tracking we provide Free Android Mobile Phone Application with GPS vehicle tracking software (web based )

Become a Dealer of Track7 or Start your own company with  your own identity

Contact us Today : +91-9258976460, 8077834803, 8791243767 for your GPS VTS / GPS Tracking Devices
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