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  • Know a concrete truck’s speed, location, and direction with enhanced real-time tracking software. Use this information to monitor employees on the job to reduce worker downtime and improve general navigation to and from job sites, so you can reduce fuel consumption.
  • Reduce idle time of your concrete trucks, cut fuel costs and ensure efficient transport by having the ability to monitor fleet routes and movements.
  • Manage a fleet of trucks by having the ability to monitor one or more vehicles and multiple job sites on one screen with Track7’s easy-to-use online software.
  • Recover missing or stolen assets by being able to provide the last known location to law enforcement officials.
  • Improve customer service by giving your clients accurate truck arrival times and general progress updates as your concrete trucks are en route to job sites.

Ready-mix concrete companies know that time is money, and too much idle time by a vehicle can result in significant loss of fuel and cause unnecessary and costly delays. Your concrete company regularly transports an expensive product that can become damaged if not moved carefully and quickly. By using tracking technology designed for concrete companies, you have options for being safer, more efficient and cutting costs. With the right GPS vehicle tracking system, you can route your drivers around traffic problems, ensure they are taking the most efficient route possible, prevent excessive accelerating, braking and turning and stop unauthorized use of company vehicles. All of this contributes to the bottom line as you improve the efficiency of your operation. GPS vehicle tracking is an excellent way to improve your business and monitor the exact location of every concrete truck in your fleet.