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Track7’s GPS fleet tracking system will allow you to:

  • Dispatch the closest vehicle when facing an emergency situation at a site or at a customer’s facility.
  • Reduce idle time on oil delivery and service trucks, which in turn puts more money in your pocket as you seek to maximize your profits.
  • Manage your entire fleet by monitoring one or more vehicles across multiple job sites on one screen using Track7’s simple software
  • Know the speed, direction and location of every oil truck in your fleet using real-time tracking, and use this information to keep employees accountable when they are on the job, reducing downtime and fuel consumption.
  • Recover missing vehicles and other assets by offering law enforcement professionals the last known location through GPS tracking.
  • Improve customer service by offering accurate delivery times and progress updates when your oil service or delivery trucks are on their way to a customer’s location.

Oil service companies have to make the most of every minute to maximize their profits. Too much idle time on a vehicle or inefficient routes taken by drivers lead to loss of fuel and loss of money. When you are transporting a valuable commodity like oil, you want to know where the load is, avoid delays in the delivery process and put your customers’ minds at ease. With the right fleet tracking system, you can increase your daily productivity and the productivity of each vehicle in your fleet, helping maximize your profits as you work in the oil industry.