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  • A detailed reporting and car tracking system helps you manage your staff — reducing employee downtime and retaining your best drivers and salespeople.
  • Knowing where your inventory and vehicles are at all times can help prevent theft and minimize unauthorized use of company assets.
  • Improved tracking and reporting keeps drivers in their designated territories while also improving mileage reimbursement procedures.
  • GPS tracking for cars provides accurate information about your vehicles and business operations, allowing you to use fewer vehicles and resources to do equal or more work.
  • Fleet reporting and maintenance scheduling allows you to ensure your valuable fleet equipment is always well maintained, extending its life and reducing your replacement costs.

Track7 vehicle tracking units are ideal for sales vehicles that take your employees and products on the road, allowing you to keep track of your business assets while reducing costs. When your business travels all over the map, it is critical to know the location and arrival times of your vehicles with reliable GPS tracking devices for cars. Assisting lost drivers, improving schedule management, reducing driver tardiness and accurately predicting arrival times are all key factors in operating a better business and increasing profits. Combined, these benefits allow you to provide your customers and clients with more accurate arrival times.