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The landscaping industry requires a large number of vehicles to service their customers properly. From the trucks that carry your team to each job to the large equipment and trailers you use to perform those jobs, you need to know where your crew is at all times. With Track7’s fleet tracking system, you can better manage those vehicles, maximize your profits and improve your customer service. Our GPS fleet tracking service is simple and effective, offering a higher value at a lower cost, so your landscaping company can put more money where it belongs — in your pocket!

Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Landscaping Companies

Landscaping companies have a tough job, but fleet tracking makes it easier to manage your company’s fleet. With fleet tracking, you can:

  • Provide customers with accurate estimates of arrival times.
  • Dispatch the closest vehicle when an urgent need comes up.
  • See where your workers are in real time so you can perform quality inspections on site.
  • Limit wasted fuel from side trips and inefficient driving behavior.
  • Prevent your employees from using your company vehicles and equipment for side or personal jobs.
  • Improve maintenance of fleet vehicles through maintenance tracking and alerts.
  • Exceed customer expectations through safe driving practices and timely arrivals.