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Check out, how GPS tracking benefits & boots your business.

Tracking marine assets is simple and convenient with our GPS barge and boat tracker solution that provides accurate location of your river vessels. The ability to accurately predict when your barge will arrive and dock allows you to manage your loading and unloading equipment more efficiently. Using our GPS boat tracker not only provides peace of mind, but it also allows you to better schedule the use of your river boats — improving customer service, reducing equipment wear and boosting profits.

GPS for boats is an essential tool for those managing commercial boat fleets. A GPS tracking device for boats is specially designed to map the location of a boat and send that location back to a dispatcher on shore. A tracking device for boats can also send coordinates to the boat’s captain (or operator) to guide him or her to the proper destination. This can be invaluable in the event that a boat operator has an emergency, a marine asset is stolen, or you are working to keep your boats more efficient and on track.

Whether you are operating a boat rental company and wish to keep tabs on where your customers are taking your assets, have a water-based tour company and wish to monitor boat locations, are sending people on fishing excursions and want to track the best locations, or have a commercial shipping company that relies on boats, a GPS tracker for boats will offer protection, improve efficiency and complement your customer service.

  • Barge and boat tracking systems allow you to wirelessly monitor barge location using self-contained and self-powered GPS tracking devices
  • Boat tracking allows you to monitor the boats in your fleet to respond more accurately to distress calls when customers have a problem on the water
  • Track7’s river barge and boat tracking application features easy-to-use mapping and alerting, so you can provide dispatchers with the most recent location of your river-borne assets
  • Track7’s GPS tracker for boats can provide last-known locations for water-borne assets to improve the chance of recovering stolen or lost boats
  • Customized tracking and mapping allows commercial fleets to offer accurate arrival time estimates to improve customer service
  • Customized barge tracking allows you to label load contents, increasing situational awareness during the entire travel route — from the stevedore to the delivery dock

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