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Check out, how GPS tracking benefits & boots your business.

In a tough economy, it helps to have an edge. Companies are beefing up their services in order to compete. When your business depends on the reliability of the vehicles you operate, an effective way to improve customer service is to improve your ability to monitor your equipment. One of the primary ways companies monitor their property and improve transportation services is through GPS vehicle tracking.

Companies that rely on ground transportation use GPS tracking for business vehicles. Service companies — those that provide cable, plumbing or repairs, for example — use business GPS tracking for communication and planning. Companies that deliver goods, whether long distance or across town, use GPS tracking to find efficient routes and keep customers informed. What’s more, companies of all types use vehicle tracking to keep a closer eye on employee activities.


  • GPS tracking makes it easy to monitor your employees — a discreet device lets you spot unusual driving patterns, such as unplanned stops or routes that deviate from planned routes, so you can take action
  • GPS tracking for business vehicles facilitates communication with your customers by letting them know of any delays in getting the vehicle (and service) to their location
  • Your business benefits from using GPS tracking for planning service and deliveries. Figure out the best route and view real-time updates, about traffic and weather along your routes

Track7’s business tracking is a reliable way to monitor what’s happening with your company property and your employees, in part because of the high level of accuracy. GPS uses a series of satellite transmissions and a method called triangulation to pinpoint the location of your vehicle down to just a few feet. With real-time updates, a company can view vehicle location, speed, and direction of travel. GPS tracking devices are made to be durable so they can withstand tough driving conditions and still report accurate information.

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